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Rules & Regulations

Adopted September 1, 1990


Water will be furnished subject to the rules and regulations of the Mayor & Board of Commissioners of the City of Dunlap, for the Dunlap Water System Dunlap,Tennessee. These rules and regulations, as well as any rules and regulations herein after amended, modified, or promulgated, and are made a part of every application, contract and agreement entered into between the property owner or customer and the System.



A.  Customer: The word" customer" will be used in these rules and regulations to designate a person, firm or corporation contracting with the System for the furnishing water to the property.

B. Property: The word "property" shall mean, except where otherwise specified:

1) A building under one roof and ownership and occupied by one business or as one residence.

2) One or more buildings on a single tract of land under one ownership and occupied by one family or business.

3) One side of a double house having a solid vertical partition wall.

4) A private line owned and maintained by a customer for his individual use and if said customer also desires the additional use of as an apartment house or mobile homes, and etc.

C.  Trailer Court: A "trailer court" consists of three (3) or more families or three (3) more households.

D. Apartment House: An "apartment house" is a building housing three (3) or more families or three (3) or more households.

E. Service Connections: The word "service connection" will be used in these rules & regulations to designate the tap on the main,together with that portion of the line extending from the tap to the meter; in those installations where the meter is set at or near the property line on the street, highway or right of way on which the main is located, only the portion of the line extending from the tap to and including the meter shall be included as part of the service connection.

1) In case where it's necessary to set the meter on private property of the customer an easement will be obtained, together with the right to ingress and egress to the meter for the purpose of reading and servicing the same.

2) All water lines shall be of sufficient size to be compatible with the services needed in the opinion of the System, for the furnishing of ample water to said customers.

3) The meter,meter box, lid, and valves shall at all times be owned by the System.

4) A maximum of 100 ft. or less will be completed by the System. Anything over 100 ft. the customer will pay the additional cost at the time of installation.


Any applicant for water service shall complete a written application, together with a tap fee. If the service is not available for some reason or other, the tap fee is refundable.

If service is available, the applicant will be notified and they shall pay the required meter deposit prior to the installation of the meter.


A cash deposit set by the System shall be required for each customer prior to giving water service to this customer. This "meter deposit" shall represent a guarantee payment of the customer's water bill in the event the customer defaults in payment of same.

If the tap is already on the property, a meter deposit will still be required before a meter is set.

This deposit may be refundable upon termination of service.


The System will have a minimum charge per month per customer for water service regardless of the amount of water used. This charge is stated in the Schedule of Fees & Charges.


The System shall have the right to refuse water service resulting from any causes whatsoever beyond the control of the system. The System shall not be liable for the failure to furnish water for any cause or causes beyond its control, or for any breach of contract in the event of interruption in service, or otherwise unsatisfactory service. Whether or not caused by negligence or for any loss, injury, or damage to person(s) or property resulting from interruptions in service, or otherwise unsatisfactory service, whether or not caused by negligence.


The System shall be responsible for installing and maintaining all meters and all service lines running from the water main line to the meter.


When it is necessary the customer will provide, at no cost, a suitable place for the location of the meter on the customer's property, and will give an easement to the System for any property of the System's located on the customer's land. Any obstruction(s) to the System's property shall be removed at the customer's expense.


The customer shall be responsible for and bear the expense of installing and maintaining the service line from the meter to the house or point of use. The customer shall be liable for any damage to the meter, meter box, lid or other appurtenance due to negligence, which will be determined by the System. Repair or replacement will be at the customer's expense.


Any customer, contractor, developer, equipment operator or other utility which damages or causes to damage any water line or other part of the System's property due to negligence: This includes digging, without notifying the System or covering over the System's property, shall be charged for the repair, or replacement of said property.


In the event the System shall see fit to extend any main water line of the water system, the System shall upon considering all circumstances will determine whether the System or the customer(s) or both shall bear the expense of the extension. Such extensions will become the property of the System.


The System shall, at all times, have the right to place discretionary limitations on the extension or extensions of any water main within the System. All extensions shall be made only after and in accordance with plans and specifications, which must have state approval. These plans will be prepared under the direction of the System.


In the event a customer removes himself from a metered location at which he is receiving water, the customer shall be responsible for the payment of the water consumed up to the date the service was terminated. The meter deposit may applied against the final bill.

In the event the customer desires to move to a new location within the system that doesn't have a water service tap, the customer shall pay a tap fee and a meter deposit.

If the customer moves to a new location that has a water service tap, then the customer pays the cut-in, cut-out fee noted on the Schedule of Fees & Charges.

An additional charge will be made if a customer request that the water be turned on after regular business hours, to cover overtime expenses.


In the event service to a customer has been terminated because of non-payment and the customer continues to receive water through unauthorized means, the System shall terminate

the service line at the main. To receive service again the customer shall pay the amount noted in the Schedule of Fee & Charges.


All bulk water sales will be made at the fire hydrant across from City Hall, unless another location has been approved by the Mayor and Board of Commissioners.


All water charges begin when the meter is installed, or when service is requested by a new customer on a specific date.


The System shall have the power to prorate or restrict the amount of water each customer receives, as declared in the Water Conservation Resolution, located in the System's Emergency Plan.


No customer served by the System will be permitted to cross-connect the water service supplied by the System to any other water supplier. No physical connection can be made by customer to any other distribution system or source than that served by the System, as described in City of Dunlap Ordinance No.78 and Sections 53-2001 and 53-2004 of the Tennessee Code Annotated.


Right of Inspection

Backflow Prevention Devices:

The System reserves the right to make inspections of the plumbing installations on the customer's premises upon giving reasonable notice to the customer. Customers requiring back flow prevention devices will be required to purchase and install such devices. Devices must meet System specifications. Any customer(s) not complying with City and State law, will have their service terminated.


The System has the right to test such devices as deemed necessary by the System. Any repairs to these devices are the responsibility of the customer.


The foregoing rules and regulations may be amended, modified, enlarged upon, or otherwise changed at anytime a majority of the Board of Mayor and Commissioners deem necessary.